Advance Grinding Services offers its Straightening operation that is one of the first in machining operations in tube or bar finishing. As low as .003″ T.I.R Per FT, 3 ft up to 40 feet in length.

Round bar stock of steel and other metals

Straightening brings raw materials to their right appearance and dimension. And Advance Grinding Services offers its inclusive line of rotary straighteners for the bar straightening operation. For hot or cold straightening of rounds and flats, Advance Grinding Services makes it one of its production capabilities to include special roll units in the mill applications.

Special machines are used upon the operation to accurately straighten both ferrous and non-ferrous round bars. All the machines are perfect for heavy duty and critical mill applications.

Great qualities with Advance Grinding Services Bar Straightening operations and mill applications

  • Heavy duty hydraulically operated system
  • Robust mechanical designs for machine models
  • Complete bar handling equipments