Why Choose Stainless Steel from Advance Grinding Services, Inc.?

Why Choose Stainless Steel from Advance Grinding Services

Adhering to ISO and steel standards, AGS never sticks with traditional stainless steel only but with high strength class of steels to meet rigid requirements set by customers.

Being ISO 9001:2008 certified, Advance Grinding Services, Inc. proves itself to provide high quality of stainless steel for over a couple of years. We provide a wide range of steel and alloy materials to suit every industrial need and application set by our different customers. Set by the goal meet our customer requirements, we run a wide distribution of metals and steels of variant sizes, shapes, and grades across the MidWest to ensure we pass the quality, reliability, and speed with our deliveries to a wide variety of industries we serve.

Adhering to fine standards in steel crafting, we go on with our full production of high quality stainless steels – forged and finished finely with the implementation of our high-performance machining solutions.

Our Stainless Steel Product Capabilities:

Stainless steel with “Pump Shaft Quality”

Achieving “pump shaft quality” in stainless steels is a sure edge of AGS as it is what is always been sought by large rotating industry customers. Pump shafts is not just same with common steels and are made with ever higher standard set. They are machined and forged into a range of different shapes depending on a pump application. We achieve pump shaft quality with adherence to vibration, strength, and diameter with the application of our centerless grinding solutions.

Bearing Shaft Quality Stainless Steels

Targeting exact ID dimensions in stainless steels to achieve the “bearing shaft quality” for supporting shafts and pivots in auto and aero applications is one of our main goals. Part of it is to make stainless steels perfect for the implementation of essential machining requirements such as grinding and polishing. We could forge bearing shaft quality stainless steels with 32RMS surface finish for a smoother finished round bar. Upon production of bearings, we do take proper installations and maintenance.

High Performing Steel Grades

We can provide different steel grades that differ in strength, element compounds, and properties that fit specific application. Presenting stainless steels in a wide array of grades gives more chances for metalworkers to pave more ways towards advancements in making high strength class of steels. We make sure to provide steels that withstand high-stressed environments such as in aerospace and automotive.

Duplex Stainless Steels

We provide duplex stainless steels to give way for greater mechanical properties and higher strength resistance among steel products in such a low cost! We focus with our work-hardenable steels to surpass regular steels like that of austenite and ferrite steels. Moreover, as a response to eminent request in light weight, high strength and cost-effectiveness, we distribute duplex stainless steels that possess those desired features.

A lot of industries have relied on stainless steel, considering the great convenience they got from such material that includes low cost, recyclability, high strength, and ductility. Not only that, stainless steels are perfect for a wide variety of applications from automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, and to manufacturing.

And so, we strive to make more innovations in our stainless steel production to meet the high demands from our customers without losing our aim to top the standards in steel crafting.

Stainless steel products of variant sizes and grades are available in Advance Grinding Services. If you are looking for this kind of product for your applications, please contact us ..or get our free quote today!