The Best Ground Steel Bars In Chicago

Get the best set of ground steel bars in Chicago for your rigorous turning and grinding applications

Ground steel bars have gained a much higher demand compared to commercial bright drawn, bright peeled, or bright turned bars. The tighter tolerance they exhibit and a fair demonstration of good roughness, precision, straightness, and fine surface finish have turned them as a perfect material to be used in machining environments requiring minimal vibration as bars rotate at relatively high speeds.

As their both physical attributes and mechanical properties had attracted manufacturers and engineers in utilizing them in industrial applications, ground steel bars continued to rise in the market.

How To Come Up With A Good Ground Steel Bar

Centerless grinding method is great when it comes to producing a good set of ground steel bars. This operation helps bars achieve precision roundness, tight tolerance, and excellent surface polish – features that are required when they will be subjected to high speed application.

The bar is fed between abrasive grinding wheels to cut aways excess metal parts to result in a high precision bar. If the material’s dimensions aren’t acceptable yet, the bar will then be subjected to another process which is polishing to give material a smoother surface finish.

Availability in Different Steel Types

A lot of high tensile strength steel types, including carbon steels, tool steels, alloy steels, stainless steels, and high speed steels can be machined into precision ground steel bars. There will only be a need to put in a full range of special steel specifications as per customer request to come up with custom bar features.

Source the best ground steels from AGS in Chicago

In accordance with our goal to produce high quality materials for our customers, Advance Grinding Services, Inc. specializes in various machining operations to come up with materials that passed steel standards and meet customer’s desired requirements. Along with centerless grinding method, we also perform bar straightening, cutting, turning, chamfering, polishing, and custom machining.

As for producing these high quality ground steel bars to be used in such heavy performance applications, Advance Grinding Services Inc. always stick to standards in steel crafting and implement quality inspection in all operations and materials that we make. We do specialize in the production and distribution of ground steel bars in both peeled and turned across Chicago, available in various sizes, lengths, shapes, and dimension.

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